Saturday, April 6, 2013


I know this is an old topic, but i just found a neat circuit builder called The Ohm Zone.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Google Nexus being used to test if screams can be heard in space

Science does some weird things sometimes, such as turning rats in superheroes or generating meat out of a printer, but one thing science hasn’t accomplished was shooting a smartphone into space just to see what happens — until now, thankfully. A team of researchers from the University of Surrey has shot a Google Nexus into space in order to test a few things, one of which being the old saying, “In space, no one can hear you scream.”
The theory suggests that because space is a vacuum, sound cannot travel through it since there is nothing to carry vibrations. The phone will come equipped with some screams that people submitted online, and will employ an app built by Cambridge University Space Flight specifically for this kind of test. The app will trigger the screams to play, and then monitor if the phone’s speaker can recognize the noise or not.
The Nexus will ride on a satellite, dubbed the Strand-1, which will be controlled by an onboard computer, but will give the Nexus control when it comes time to perform experiments. The Strand-1 is small, measuring in at 4×12 inches, weighing only 9.5lbs. Aside from the scream-test, the Nexuswill run an app that measures the magnitude of the magnetic field around the phone as it travels through space. Another app will take pictures of the journey, which also helps the team track the little guy.
Along with the various app-based tests, the satellite will be testing a couple of new propulsion systems. One system — pulsed plasma thrusters — melts a material which in turn releases a gas that can be used in conjunction with a magnetic field to push the satellite in a given direction. The other system, dubbed Warp Drive (unfortunately not for cool Star Trek reasons, as it stands for Water Alcohol Resisto-jet Propulsion De-orbit Re-entry Velocity Experiment), shoots out a water-alcohol mixture to gain thrust.
You can track the Strand-1 on Twitter, because it is 2013 and it’s difficult to be exciting unless you can compress the excitement into 140-character sentences.